Double Trouble!

 Beautiful, amazing, identical twin girls.  They are now 17!  

I did my best to treat them as I would have any single child.  I have been thanked over and over again for never making them dress alike, for not giving them 'matching' names and for always encouraging their individuality.  

Twins are twice the work, twice the love, twice the commitment, twice the anger, twice the compassion, and twice the frustration.  And truly a miracle.

and let me tell you, nursing twins is quite an interesting undertaking.  However, I can personally assure you, it can be done successfully!  Just recognise that your chest will never be the same again :)


Good luck to all you new moms out there!  

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I have twingirls too, <br />
They almost turn 8,<br />
It is a blessing to be their mom.

My twins are only 18 months old! :] They were born on Christmas day in 2007!! They'll be 2 this Christmas! I had a girl and boy. They're precious. Congragulations though! I can't even imagine them going to school in 3 years!!! I just know i'm going to cry! I was only 14 when they were born. To this day, people that don't even know me tell me i'm a wonderful mother. Twins run in my side of the family, and I was told I was next but never believed them til I found out that I was pregnant with twins.

I only have one child, but I can imagine the hard work it needs to raise twins, well done

When I found out that our third was not twins, I was a bit sad. But now that he's here, we are grateful everyday that there is only one of him :O

The ones that get me say this... "OH, I always wanted TWINS!"<br />
<br />
I have the same response every single time, "WHY?"<br />
<br />
Not counting the work, and I love my girls whole heartedly, BUT. . . . <br />
<br />
They get HALF the love and attention of a single born baby! It's almost not fair to them! But mom only has so many arms and so many hours in a day!

I have always hated the assumption that twins are somehow two halves of a whole. They are as different as any other two siblings would be.<br />
<br />
Another thing people say that always gets me...<br />
"Oh twins, two for the price of one!"<br />
Yeah right...try telling to the orthodontist.

They have always enjoyed their differences from the time they were little. Their dad made them keep the same hairstyle for a long time. I, however, told them they could do what they wanted within reason. They now have individual hairstyles and have since they were 12. <br />
<br />
They don't have to really 'show' their different personalities, because they truly are very different from each other. One is an INFJ and the other is ISTJ. They have different mannerisms and different facial ex<x>pressions. <br />
<br />
They are actually each others best friend, but they love to argue and bicker as well. Teenagers, very normal teenagers, I assure you!

oooh...there are lots of twins in my family history too.<br />
<br />
So, tell me about the girls. Do they try to be different? My guys spent a lot of their teenage years trying to show their different personalities.

I was big but not huge, everything about my pregnancy was normal. I went into labor a few days before an ultrasound was scheduled. I didn't ask for any extra stuff, we were poor and couldn't afford ultra sounds and things like that at the time. My twins were full term, thank goodness. There just wasn't any reason to worry or need to check for any problems. I was told it would be about a 10 lb. baby. Close... I got two 5 lb. babies instead!<br />
<br />
My oldest brother has fraternal twins. My middle brothers daughter has identical twin girls. My moms sister had conjoined twins that died at birth.

I also have identical twin brothers. <br />
Any other multiples in your family?

Wow!!! Didn't you ever wonder why you were sooooo huge? <br />
My protein count was high early on, so they did an ultrasound at 3 mos.<br />
They flipped on the screen and there were two perfectly round heads!

Yes, they graduate this May :) <br />
<br />
I can't imagine what formula must cost for twins? The diaper cost was staggering enough! When I could save money AND give them a healthy start breast feeding... BONUS! <br />
<br />
Didn't know I was having twins until 15 minutes after the first one was born, what about you?

Sweet! Don't you just love the picture for this group?<br />
My twins are now 20 yrs. old. I didn't give them matching names and clothes either, though they are identical. I nursed the boys until they were 8 months old, without any trouble. Sure beat washing all those bottles!<br />
So, are your girls getting ready to graduate high school?