Happy Birthday

Today is a special day.  21 years ago,  Novevember 18, 1988,  I gave birth to two amazing little boys.  Because one of them was breech,  we needed a c-section.   It was a little scary.  I had never  been in the hospital before.  Seven stitches in my knee was the extent of my medical history.  And to be honest,  I was a pretty worried about Mr. Lilt being in the delivery room.  Getting a blood test before we got married was pretty traumatic for him.  Needles,  blood,  nurses,  oh my.  But he assured me he would be just fine.

During my epidural,  the anesthesiologist did a "cold swab"  test on my belly,  to insure that he had me plenty numb from the waist down.  I was so afraid that I would feel the pain of them cutting me open.  When he asked me if I could feel the cold swab,  I kept saying "yes,"  even thought I could not.  More anesthesia.   Then a little more.  I was numb from my chin down  and could barely even talk.  The delivery went so quickly.  Mr. Lilt did great.  I remember at one point he said,  "Oh my God,  they just put your bladder on your chest!"   Then voila!  Two perfect little baby boys.  Finally,  I get to hold these guys we had been waiting for,  for so long.   I reached to hold Baby #1.  Nothing happened. I reached again.  Nothing.  I was so freaking numbed up,  my arms could not move!

They sent me off to a recovery room,  where I had to stay until I could wiggle my toes.  They sent Mr. Lilt off with our babies.  He and my mother shared the two bundles of joy,  while I was laid up in that damned room.  I had so much anesthesia in me,  it was an eternity before I could do the toe wiggle.

It's been 21 years,  since that day.  The boys have grown into wonderful young men.  I probably won't even get to see them today.  They are very busy at school. 

  But the day they were born... easily the best day of my life.


Disclaimer:  Mr. Lilt says they put my bladder on my stomach,  not my chest.  But I could swear he said chest!  

Anyway,  you know I must love him....I let him see my bladder.


Lilt Lilt
112 Responses Nov 18, 2009

congratulations and Happy Birthday. My daughter just had twin girls on Dec. 2nd last year. they are beautiful and a true joy.

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Thank you, Curiosity!The birthday is coming up in just 10 days. Those "babies" will be 25 this year.Geez. How did we get here so fast?

Now that is special. Great story! Happy birthday to your babies.

Happy 21st Birthday to your boys! :-D xoxo

Hi great story
The birth if my two children alway be best memories.
I only have admiration for ladies over childbirth .
After been present at two emergency cesarean births.
All I could say was wow !
I remember so well ,holding my children ,while waiting for wife come out of recovery room
A mixture of huge happiness and worry .
Then doors opened and my wife and me
Could share been parents to new born.

That's life

It was a special, one-time event, Ambrose. No one has ever seen my bladder since. :-)

LMAO. well that's a good thing I'm guessing! You could have gotten it pierced while it was out! ;-)

Wouldn't that lead to...um...leakage?

LMAO.... not if someone knows what they are doing! Granted, cleaning your piercing might prove difficult! ;-)

Awesome story, Lilt! This was a feature story in the log in page, which usually I ignore completely, but I saw it was you, and I said "I know her!". So it makes it interesting all of a sudden! :-) In fact, now I know a star, a lady whose bladder was on her chest - or tummy - or whatever! ;-)

Great story, thanks for sharing...

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Hi Lilt. Thanks for sharing. I gather your boys are teachers? Thas an achievment and am sure you hold your head high... unfortunatly I'll never be able to give my parents that proud feeling :-( but oh well. Beautiful story.

Happy twins' birthday, Lilt. (Great story.)

Wheezers, I would love to help you out with the bladder thing. But I am still using mine.<br />
You have come to the right place though! Here on EPee, there are plenty of people who would love to discuss it with you!!!

This is the difinition of. Nasty in the Cuban dictionary bro

LOL, Lilt, I couldn't help but laugh. As a surgeon the statement of more anesthesia had me holding my tummy laughing. Numb from the chin down. LOL. Taking notes. I'm sure I will remember not to ask for more anesthesia when it comes time to bring my twins into the world. Congratulations on raising two boys.

Just last year I had my little girl on this day! This is a wonderful post!

Fabulous! No matter how many years go by, you will always remember "birth" day. Congratulations on your miracle!

Oooooh, featured you say...cool! Thanks for the warm wishes, Kathryn. This will be my 24th Mother's Day. I'm well seasoned :-)

What the hell? For days, my stories have been hit with this kind of spammy nonsense. I have deleted so many comments. And all my tokens have disappeared too. This place just keeps getting wackier by the minute.<br />
<br />
*not that I really care about tokens...BRING BACK THE FREE CLOWN BEE!*

I am pretty confused too, babe. Thank goodness the air hostesses are so good at their job.

Hahaha...not always, Sasssy!<br />
Our youngest is grounded today.

Thanks Gilly. We were missing one, but still fun. Went for a Japanese hibachi dinner, a first time for our youngest. Then we came home and watched "Dumb and Dumber." Mom fell asleep on the couch :-)

This story is so sweet and funny. Delivery day is probably on of the most frightening days of a mother's life, but with such a wonderful reward! Happy belated birthday to your twins :)

What a sweet thing to say!<br />
I'm trying hard to believe it was 23 years ago. I'm glad they're not making me Grandma yet.<br />
I'm much too young to be someone's granny ;-)

I love this. Sentimental and funny reflection of motherhood and a reflection of you. <br />
A beautiful celebration on the delivery of your family.

Get noooooooooo argument from me there.<br />
<br />
Though I might like to try an epidural sometime. ;)

Birthing babies is not for the weak.<br />
That's why the women do it.

Happy Mother's Day fish mouth !<br />
<br />
Coulda omitted the part bout the bladder *gurk*

Yep, tomorrow they will turn 23 years old. <br />
It's a little bittersweet, surrealfriend. One of my guys is in the middle of crossing the Atlantic Ocean. We won't get to see him. The first missed birthday, ever :-( <br />
Depending on internet connections, we might not even be able to talk to him.<br />
<br />
I'm not really an amazing Mom. I have amazing kids. They keep me accountable.

Happy Birthday to your twins today.<br />
<br />
You sound like an amazing mother.

I hope the grandparents are babysitting tonight :-)

Thank you! They have been. But we have made it together! 4 months til we are married and I seriously can't wait!!

Congratulations! The first few years seem to be the most challenging.<br />
I think :-/

Yes they still nap! :) a Hirt morning nap and a longer afternoon nap! It's definatly a struggle but I love my life! I'm sure my parents were disappointed but I know they knew my now Fiancé and I could be good parents. I'm sure we would be where we are without our parents support! Today is our 5 year anniversary of being together! (my fiancé and I)

You're such a sweetheart, Nell.<br />
But no "birth" day story compares to yours!

loved loved loved reading this.

Please tell me they still take a nap!!!<br />
<br />
I really admire you for being such a devoted Mom, at such a young age.<br />
Was your family supportive?

It defiantly is a fun age! They never stop goingN I don't know where they get all this energy from! And they defiantly keep me on my feet! I still hope your guys have a good birthday even though you won't be with one of them.

Ameliosgirl, congratulations! That is sooooo cool that you were in labor, when I wrote this. Fantastic!!<br />
<br />
Yep, the birthdays are coming up. One of my guys is in the Canary Ilands. This will be the first birthday we will not spend together :-(<br />
<br />
Two years old is a lot of fun. But oh my goodness, they will keep you running!

So cool I also had twins November 18! But in 2009! I have a little boy Bently and a little girl Marley! It was defiantly a struggle raising twins especially since I was only 16 when they were born! Can't believe it already almost November again! My babies will be 2 and yours 23! I was in labour when you wrote this! That's crazy!

Go for it, MsSolo! A day of birth always makes for a good story.

Awesome story! Makes me want to tell my full story

Annie, when you have twins you hear a lot of goofy things like "Oh, double trouble!"<br />
The thing that really got me was the "Nice, two for the price of one!"<br />
<br />
Yeah right, try telling that to the orthodontist or the car insurance company.

: ) enjoyable twice!

It is cool. I suppose that's the best argument for not deleting stories.

I'm sure November 18, 1988 was a joyous day for Mama and Papa Hardware!<br />
You'll be 23 this year, are you going to school?

November 18th 1988 is the day I was born :)

It's been awhile since I've seen you around, Tracey. How's work and art going?<br />
As for the babies...by the time you have carried the twins for 9 months, you aren't too worried. You just want then to hurry up and get here!

It sounded like a worrying experience with your bladder and chest, but thrill with the twin boys.

You are welcome, GREATFOOTLOVERS.<br />
Do you have any baby stories?<br />
And how do footlovers feel about socks?


dest - You are aware of the destination aren't you????<br />

dest- There's plenty of room in the handbasket.... Hop in and let's get out of here before the puppet gets back and punishes us for sullying her thread....

dest- No kidding right??? <br />
I was right there too.... ready to comment about uh... twins....

How can I sully a comment thread like this????<br />
*throws up hands*<br />

been there done that it is paws on that is for sure! guess I should put that pic up in my requests right?

um...well yeah...I wasn't going to let you drive

already callin shot gun! aaaaahhhhhhrrrrrrrrooooooooooooo!

Flattery will get you lots of treats, Smug.<br />
And a ride in the car!

lovin your youngest and hey wasn't it the other day that you were just out of the package yourself!

Happy to see you too, Smug. <br />
Yep, they will be 22 this year! We just had a fun holiday weekend with them. Their little brother was in heaven with his big guys around. And there isn't a leftover in sight.<br />
<br />
You will appreciate this....our youngest is begging for a Pug. He goes to a Pug website and shows me all the cuties :-)

you are made of only the finest quality wool! 21 years ago really? roooooooooooo? hugs you!

Thanks for dropping by, Waldix. And happy birthday to you!<br />
Sounds like Nathan has to be brave and smart to keep up with the big boys.<br />
Don't you hate the term "Terrible Twos?" They are so precious at two.

am a mother of three boys Dwayne Cinque & Mr <br />
smart Nathan he is the smallest but the bravest he will be two on Sunday<br />
10th July

Thank you for the sweet comment, jazmin.<br />
Do you have some kids?

It's been fun, eh, Coldcut? Have they started college or still home ?

I am the mother of twins also. Boy and girl will be 20 on 3/10. Congrats on surviving life with twins! There is nothing like it and unless you have been there you can never relate. I hope they had a wonderful birthday!

Yes, ANEWME, it is amazing! I have an aunt who had incredibly short labor with all her kids. We're talking like less than 2 hours!<br />
The thing about parenting is that the days can seem sooooo long, yet the years go by so quickly.

Great story---isn't child birth amazing! I was fortunate enough to have three beautiful children naturally--and quickly I might add (blessed) <br />
<br />
Like yours mine are now adults--and they are great young adults.

The best part about this group is the photo. That's how beautiful my babies were.<br />
Anyway, they say it's a good idea to let your twin babies share a crib for awhile. They shared a womb. The bonding thing is already in motion. <br />
Here is what always freaked me out...I put two, 3 day old babies in opposite ends of the crib....I look at them 20 minutes later and they are all cuddled up together! Weird.

AlDente is kind sweet like that ;-)

Happy Belated Birthday, Twins! And greater love has no man than to guard his wife's bladder!

....even when one totaled the car :(

What lovely comments, mimi and jttnc.<br />
I don't know if I'm a wonderful mom. But I know for sure that they are wonderful kids. They make me want to be the best I can.

Great story. Congratulations on getting them through to adulthood. <br />
My daughter turned 21 this Spring. I agree.... best thing I've ever done in my life. always will be.

Sure Lauren, I'm not really all that profound...just doing it :-/

I was a little wary of Zillaron's story, Des. I did not look.<br />
I have never had a problem with needles. I kinda want to keep it like that.

So true, Lilt!

As far as parenting, I always the say...<br />
the days are long, but the years are too short.

Belated congrats on the big birthday, Lilt. My baby turns 21 in December. Those years flew by!

I goes very fast Des, give them lots and lots of hugs.<br />
<br />
Wow, Al, doesn't it seem weird calling them "men." <br />
You did the switch from 20 to 21 very well. Those "men" love you too.<br />
<br />
I will go correct the bladder placement.

Thank you ladies!<br />
IT, congratulations on the new baby! Was your son a c-section? I did a v-bac with our third son.

i wish you could come for my c-section because i am scared about it and will probably say the same thing about the swab lol<br />
<br />
<br />
*congratulations mama lilt* :))))

Thanks for sharing this beautiful story. I think I would be just like you, asking for more anesthetics and scared I might feel something still.

Thanks for sharing this beautiful story. I think I would be just like you, asking for more anesthetics and scared I might feel something still.

You didn't miss a thing, Whendolynn. We are actually going to celebrate this weekend. Everyone is too busy! <br />
Some of you may be wondering what to give to two 21 year old college students for their birthday....grocery store gift cards of course! Now they can buy lots of Ramen noodles and the good peanut butter.

Thanks EG!

WhatNot....no puke! I talked to one of the guys last night, he was studying for a test. I love my geeks. <br />
And yes, all1rog, the 21 years flew by so quickly. Luckily we threw a third son into the mix. Mr. Lilt and I won't be getting the Airstream for awhile. :-)

What a great story -- and I agree. The days that my children were born were the best two days of my life. But to have two in one day? You hit the maternal jackpot! :)<br />
<br />
Happy Birthday to your two young men!

Aw! congratulation on your twins birthday, wish them a long life full of love and happiness.

Sugarfooties...I look forward to being a Grandma someday. There are no girls in the family....anywhere!!! My extended family is way over-due for a reason to buy something pink.<br />
<br />
The testosterone level around here is stifling at times. :O