Single Mom of 8

My story is diffrent I have 8 kids three from my previous marriage. One from a father who ran away and the last form from a guy I had a 8 year relationship with. My last three kids were natural tripletts now my tubes are tied. It's a very hard job to be a single parent, and it takes a strong woman to do so. I work everyday. I clean up everyday, and cook everyday. My work is everlasting. I have hardly any help. Most of my family live in Kentucky my moms about an hour away. The first three childrens father lives in Kentucky. One father ran away back home to where he's from Oaklahoma. The last four father is here in the same city and he helps to look after the kids at times. Netiher of the fathers pay their child support on regular base. Most of the time my income is the only income for the family. When I apply for stamps they go on the present child support orders not on all the months in between the fathers dont pay. If the father is paying at the time of the appointment to apply you get nothing all though for 2 months before then the fathers paid nothing. Do you think that is fair. I feel child support shouldn't be counted when applying for food stamps because it's no guarantee. You may get it for three months in a role then see nothing for two months in a row. Enough on income. Lets talk about the kids each of my kids are unique in their own way. One wants to become a vet, one wants to be a musician, one wants to become a stock brooker, one wants to be a singer, one wants to be a boxer, one wants to be a basketball player, one wants to be an entertainer and one doesn't know what she wants to be. Each child is individualy diffrent. I'm blessed that I dont have what I entitle as street kids or kids on drugs. Yet they have smart mouths disresptful at times and are lazy when it comes to doing work around the house. Allthough I have eight kids they are spoiled I'll admit. I try to get my kids most of the things they want as well as all of the things they need. I do this on my own. I try to install in them the love of God, and our savior Jesus Christ. I'll be honest with out God I wouldn't make it. He keeps me strong, and when I look at my kids I know nobody will love them like I do or take care of them like I do. Little things like keeping cleaning products out of their reach most people dont think of these things or dont care. They feel kids should no better mayby thats so but you should not want to take a chance if you can prevent a child from getting harmed. Well enough of my story for now. I have to go

motherof8 motherof8
Mar 28, 2009