Tonight I watched Alice in Wonderland with my children.  The costumes were great!  lol  But that's a bit off topic.

At the end of the movie, I gathered my children around me to talk to them. 

We talked about being your own hero.  We talked about girls being able to be strong.  But the part we touched on most, was making your own decisions.

Twice in the movie Alice was faced with a choice.  Twice peer pressure told her what to do.  But the decisions she made had to be her own. 

We talked about how they thought Alice would have fought if she only did it because others expected her too vs. her choice to do it.  They came to the conclusion that she wouldn't have fought as well and probably would have lost.  Making it her choice gave her courage.

We talked about her decision at the end of the movie too.  What might have happened if she chose differently. 

I wanted to make sure they knew that no matter how many people pressured them to make decisions in life, no matter how many seemingly good reasons they gave; that the decisions they make in life are theirs alone to make.  They have to live them, not everyone else.  And they have to choose what's right for them.  Not what's right in everyone else's eyes.

I love finding little unexpected lessons.  I just hope by the time they are old enough, some of them sink in.
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Thank you hon. *hugs* =)

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