Talking With Our Children

I was talking with my two daughters and the subject of people cutting themselves come up.They told me that cutting was a way to feel the pain on the out side instead of feeling the emotional pain on the inside.They hide the marks that they make to keep others from seeing them.Some cut deep enough to leave scars.I am so grateful that my two girls are not doing this and they tried to talk to the ones who are about why they do it and the danger of them doing this.I am proud of the girls for taking time to try to help their friends.My youngest daughter said a nurse told a group of girls that if the need was that strong to cut themselves to use a rubber band and pop it hard to get the same feel as using a sharp object without taking a chance of leaving a scar. I got on experience project with a question about cutting and I was shocked to see all the related topics to the one question I posted.That's when I seen how cutting needs to be talked about with our children like we do with drugs,sex,alcohol and any thing else we feel is dangerous for our children. I just wanted parents to know that any of our children can try things and we are always the last ones to know. This cutting thing bothers me alot cause one young lady I care for like a daughter has ended her friendship with my daughter who was telling her this is not the answer for all the pain she feels.This childs mother died she moved states to be with her dad and his wife.then her and her three sisters were sent to their aunt in another state thats when the cutting started.Dad sent them to the aunt thinking it would be better if they went back to the state they lived in with their mother.He kept two of the kids with him.
This girl sure has a lot of emotional pain and I hope someone will see what she is doing to herself and give her the help see needs.

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I have been reading more about this subject and trying to understand myself. I have a friend that is a cutter and my 12 year old daughter has a friend that is a cutter also. So we are reading this book called "cut" right now and I also read online and talk to my friend about it. I posted a question on this same subject a while ago and got a variety of responses. This problem is very prevalent yet not too many people understand it or know about it since the cutters normally hide it. Thank you for sharing story and letting people know about this issue.

Thanks for sharing this, I too saw the reaction to 'cutting'. It is scary and I do hope that those suffering with this, see your story and seek councilling.