Formulated Milk Will Not Make Your Baby Smarter !

This is my truth, I just feel pity to all your babies. So if you don't believe me, then it is your problem. Drinking more milk with DHA and whatever hell new terms coming out everyday will not make your babies grow up smarter. Drinking more milk which contain calcium will only increase the weight of their skull and thus make them more emotional. Look around, do you find that children now days are more "naughty" than when you were young? Do you understand what smart mean? If your kids can answer a math question in 1 second, does that make them smart? No! Tbat only proves that their reaction are fast, and thus make create more stress for them. Being smart is the ability to make the most beneficial decision as a whole in life. That's the important thing.

What happens when babies' skull gets havier? They will have faster heart rate after they lift their head for too long. Initially they will get tired even early in the morning. That is why they yawn even before afternoon. And as their heart rate go faster, their thinking will too. If they can think faster in school, we call them smart. If they can think faster in playing around, we call them naughty. This is NOT healthy. That is why today heart disease are more prone to younger people. Some of them may display problem like headache, fever or even stomach pain. I am telling you now, if you make your children drink these milk everyday, you are literally killing them slowly. The only milk they should drink is human breast milk. If a mother can't produce any, try and find or buy some from other mother. After they grew their teeth they should start eating solid food or natural fruit juice only.

But why didn't the government tell you this? Think! Milk is big MONEY! If all of you believe what I am saying, billions of dollars will vanish. I can't make you believe me because all around you the commercials are feeding you all these lies. I just want you to know this and if only one of you believe this, then I have at least done something good for a change.
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1 Response Jul 20, 2010

I have always questioned baby formula with all the stuff that the companies are putting in them.<br />
Thanks for sharing this.I have two neices that are expecting their babies any day now. I will talk to them about this.