Beloved Son

I have a son, he's my only one. He is two and such a beautiful soul, he makes me proud every moment of every day.

I love that he can now talk and express himself to me.

I love that when I say "i love you", he says "i love you too mummy".

I love that when i say "you're the best", he says "no, you're the best".

When i ask him who the best boy is he says "daddy". and when i ask who the best girl is he says "that's you mummy".

And then i can say, "well that's why I know you are the best in the whole world!"

And he sayss "really? - oh wow".

How wonderful is motherhood?
ssshh32 ssshh32
31-35, F
1 Response Jul 23, 2010

NOTHING compares to motherhood. Every stage brings with it a special joy. Do enjoy each of them for they are so fleeting!