Loving Motherhood Of A Preemie Baby:)

Im a mother of a 11 month old baby girl:)
She was premature by 9 weeks. I had her at 31 weeks pregnant. My daughter, Jocelyn, was born 4 lbs and 5 ounces.  I had complications during my pregnancy ,i would always bleed and had a threatenin miscarriage. I had a feeling i would have her early. No i did not drink, or smoke during my pregnancy. (For those that thought otherwise). A couple weeks after she was born she had a blood infection, which made her severly sick. She had constant periods where she would not breathe and her heart rate would go down (Apneas, and Bradys(?)) After many heart aches and sleepless night She got to go home on thanksgiving. She was in the NICU for 7 weeks.  She is also  allergic to cowsmilk so i had to put her on this expensive formula called Nutrrimigen ( 21 bucks for a little can that is gone within 2 days)
Once she came home it wasnt as hard as i expected it to be.
My boyfriend who i live with goes out of town for work. He works 3 weeks and only home for one week.
When Jocelyn came home, Kevin (Boyfriend) Was out of town during the time and i handled it pretty well. When she was in the hospital i got to know Jocelyn more, and what her needs were and her different cries.

Since she was a preemie baby I had alot of time to myself, because all she would do is sleep the whole day and wake up to feed. Even though she was a tiny little thing, she is now 17 lbs. Her pediatrician said that she actually is ahead of her premature age. She can now crawl, walk along furniture, crawl up the stairs, whines alot more! It was a pretty hectic change. Within a week she started to learn so quickly. I now have hardly any time to myself haha. But i love it. Motherhood became so natural to me, and i have matured so much.
I am 20 years old had her at 19, and pregnant at 18.
Before i was pregnant, I partied smoked ditch school. I lived on my own since i was 16.
I wasnt at all fit to be a mother. But the moment i found out i was pregnant, i changed.
Me and my boyfriend bought our own house, and moved away from the partying. We're no longer involved with the bad crowd. I do not smoke or drink (only on special ocassions) and took online classes to graduate . I do not miss it at all. Motherhood has changed me for the best and i wouldnt change it for the world. It has made me grow into so much more i would have ever expected <3
Thats my story:)

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Jul 23, 2010