Hello Mothers

Hello mothers , I hope you are happy with your husbands and with your children .
I like to know how you bring up your children ,I consider this job one of the holiest jobs that humans do .
I like to know more about the members of this group.

bluenebula bluenebula
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oh no problem you can ask whatever you want , I am confused too<br />
I didn't want to be member of this group and I didn't pressed the button {ME TOO} .<br />
I just wanted to share this story in the suitable place where I think there is no better place than here or at least I didn't find a better place .<br />
I was angry when I heard some adults talking about their parents in very bad way ,therefore, I decided to share this story . That 's all .<br />
thanks EverybodyNeedsACuddle .

Yes eternalhope , I do know that you'll find me stranger here . you know , motherhood is considered so important , I once joined some forum .I found what my mind couldn't believe .That forum contains teenagers .Those teenagers were talking about their parents in bad way .I felt what kind of hell they and their parents live .No need to speak about the very big numbers of divorces and familiar discords I have read about , that really hurts me . We , in my community , don't suffer from these issues so much , That is why I want to know more about this group .<br />
If you are annoyed that I am here, I'll no longer come back .<br />
Anyway , I hope mothers , who are an important part in such familiar issues and maybe the most important ,do the right to their children .

You are a young man and you want to know how we bring up our children and you want to know more about us???????<br />
I agree that motherhood is an important job but, I really don't know what it is you are looking for.