The Father Of My Children Loves To Fight

I have an amazing 15 month old son, and am pregnant with our second one. Lately my husband likes to pick fights over the dumbest things. What makes it worse is that I am always wrong. The last time he yelled at me, he accused me of being a liar when it comes to our son, because I made the statement "I can almost guarantee that he won't eat" what I was cooking for dinner. He continued to yell at me saying I was lying to him about our son, and I couldn't know that for sure! I have spend everyday for the last 15 months with our son! I seldom go out and commit all of my being to my child! For him to continuously tell me I don't know what I am talking about!! Apparently I am lazy, because I don't always get the house work done, or don't feel like cooking every night! He refuses to listen when I say that he is being difficult, and says I started it. I am concern because of the stress that it is putting on me and our new baby, and the effect that his constant yelling is having on our son. I come from an abusive home, and see how my brother speaks to my mother, from seeing my father do it. I don't want my son thinking it is okay to treat women and me that way!! ARRRGGHH!
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we need to be strong and say "its not my fault your mad" because I know where your coming from. I have a 3 year old and a 5 month old. But I will not fight in front of them. Kids feel there parents anger. I have to agree though is he angry at himself for something?

he should really be supporting you and helping you, you're devoting all your time to your child and even for people who love to care for little ones, this can sometimes be stressful, especially if you are alone at home with a baby all the time without a break from it. perhaps he should try caring for a child before he says you are lazy or don't know what you're talking about. <br />
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the thing i have found with men i've known in the past (like the two comments about, you guys are right!) is that they get aggressive and nasty when they are upset about something or something is worrying them, sometimes they aren't very good communicators so they just vent to the nearest person, usually their partner or wife. try asking him to speak to you calmly rather than yelling at you and remind him that he is an adult and yelling won't resolve anything.

This is not good for you or your baby, and children learn from our behaviour, so your 15 month old is being ob<x>jected to your husbands behaviour too.<br />
You already know through your parents just what it is like to see parents fighting.<br />
As lizzy said, is there something bothering him, is the pressure of the new babe worrying him.<br />
He doesn't seem to want to talk to you about it, but would he consider a councillor?

Have you and your husband talked about why he is picking fights with you. Sounds like something might be bothering him and it's causing him to behave like this. It's just a thought.