No Words.

There are truly no words that can adequately describe the fulfillment that comes from being a mother. As a single mom of 3, I live each and every day of my life with the joy of knowing that even when days are difficult and nights are sleepless, I have at least 3 reasons to wake up in the morning and face it all over again.

I hear a lot of moms talk about how hard it is to have small children, but honestly, they are what make my life complete. I am happiest when I'm doing the things I need to do to make their lives better. And while I don't look down on anyone who struggles with the added stresses of motherhood, I do think that in order to truly appreciate it, a person has to relinquish their right to live their lives for themselves. I may not be able to go out and be the life of the party like I once was, but I am a crucial part of three little lives and they are a crucial part of mine.

And at the end of the day, I wouldn't have it any other way..
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7 Responses Apr 2, 2011

You sound like a good mother. Wish my mother had been like you.

Thank you, Chiquita! Although, I'd have to say that they'll always be your babies. :) I know mine will!<br />
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And braintumor.. I'm bouncing my 6 month old in my lap right now too! :)

Altho my kiddos aren't babies anymore (mine are 17,12 and 8), I feel exactly the same way. <br />
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Beautiful sentiment, perfectly expressed. Kudos!

Well said, Gameover!

Haha, I heard that, FallFlower! I heard that. :)

At the end of the day, I agree with you. When I'm getting my butt out of bed in the morning, I need a little reminder :) Thanks for the reminder!

beautifully said.