Downs And False Positives

This is for those of you who are becoming mothers, or are having a second child and have not been through this.... hopefully you never will.

This all happend during my first pregnancy. I was 10 weeks pregnant at the doctors office for a regular checkup. After he was done checking the babys heart rate and such he told me about a blood test i could take that could potentaily diagnose if my baby would have down syndrome or not. He said that it was as simple as getting a blood test and within a few weeks we would have the results. i agreed to having the test done, I figured that if i could pre-determine that the baby had downs then i would like to have some special parenting class' to help me be a better mother to my child. Raising a downs child as im sure some of you know, is totally different than raiseing a child without downs.
So i waited paitently to find out if my child had downs or not. To me it didn't matter because I knew getting pregnant that i would love this baby no matter what. Then i got the call telling me i had an apointment at 2:00pm. I was excited, scared, not willing, but ready to know all at the same time. When i went in he sat me down and said the test had come back positive, this ment that the baby had downs.
He then preceeded to tell me that there was another test i could do to prove that the child 100% without a doubt had Downs. This is called the Amniocentisis. For those of you who dont know what this is, it is a procedure where a doctor takes a needle and sticks it in to your belly to get at the amniotic fluid. Using an ultrasound machine to ensure that the baby is out of the way. Then they take a sample of the amniotic fluid for testing. With this procedure it is known to be safe but there are lots of risks involved, such as miscarrage, infections, lack of fluid ect.
I panicked, not sure what i should do. Not knowning what my options were or how i would tell my husband and family. The doctor then informed me that this amniocentisis needed to be done in Vancouver B.C because that is where the specialize in all things prenatal. He set it all up for me, all i had to do is wait for the phone call telling me when i needed to be in Vancouver. So sitting at home panicked about the procedure, wondering if my baby would be okay and safe i started to research. The doctor had failed to mention that this test was a choice, it does not need to be done. I was having this baby regardless of the downs or any other limitations he/she might have.
As i did more research i learned that not only is the procedure a choice, there is no 100% gaurntee that they would be able to tell if the baby had downs. Also the blood test i had taken to determine needing the amniocentisis proved to have more false positives than real positives. After known all this, i cancelled my apointment with Vancouver and continued my pregnancy risk free.
There was no way i was going to take that amniocentisis just to find out my baby was fine and risk miscarrage or infection. So i continued to eat healthy, excersise ect. All the things you do to keep yourself and baby healthy. They day i had my baby i had an emergency c-section (i'll save that story for another day), she was perfectly fine.I gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby girl. There was no and there is still no signs of any downs. So for those of you reading this, if you have, or are going through the same thing. Just keep in mind that nothing is 100%.
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I'm so glad your daughter is healthy, and sorry you went through that experience. This speaks volumes about the state of health care today, and the need for us, as patients, to be as informed as possible about tests, medications, and procedures. (Fortunately, there's more information available online than there was in the past.)<br />
<br />
BTW, there's a very interesting book by Rayna Rapp called Testing Women, Testing the Fetus; The Social Impact of Amniocentisis.

they told me that amnio test is up to me. gladly i wasn't gong go for that. but my baby didn't have anything wrong with him and he is a rambuctious 20 months old up to something. <br />
still trying figure out how the blood test out of a mother to be determine for downs? i think that is whole different between a baby and a mother blood.

And amnio is a REALLY high risk procedure. I would NEVER have an amnio.... Great stoy. Thank you!