My First Child

My first child is a boy.  He is 28 now.
When he was born he was my heart and soul.
He has continued in that fashion. 
We play Scrabble online with each other.  I am thrilled that he does this.  It keeps us connected.
He has given me a granddaughter.  I am there for his convenience in watching her grow.  I take care  of her and she is the apple of my eye.
He was my most difficult child to raise and yet here he is, the closest child to me.
I applaud his efforts at being a good provider for his family.
He is a struggle because he is so energy and life.  Constantly scheming, constantly INVOLVED. 
Oh, to be like him.
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1 Response Feb 22, 2012

I can relate, my only son was born 28 years ago....I understand.....thank you for this share my friend. Blessings and care to you and your precious son.