A Mother

i got married in may of 1989 and the the next month i was pregnant.i was so excited.went to a quack doctor once he couldn't find the heart beat.my husband thought for sure it was over but no the baby was hiding.in march i had a baby girl.i was so excited.we named her kayla.she was a good baby.when she got older she had tantrums and very hard willed she probably was too spoiled.she rebeled even.me and her was very close or so i thought because around she was twelve this aunt of hers got in our business and she ruan way to her and then my mom got her and the fool i was i let her have her tempariy thinking maybe it would help her to get away but that is not how it worked out she went and got guardianship.now i neve see her,it makes me sad.but i have another daughter who is 16 months older than kayla we have become very close since it has happned.i don't know what i would do without her.all for now.
harrism68 harrism68
36-40, F
Apr 5, 2007