Working Moms

As far as I can remember, I've been a working woman.
Motherhood has been a blessing in disguise! LOL :)))
I love my children. I love my grandchildren and my life is so full of love.
I read something the other day... when bad people come into our lives, the universe is teaching us a lesson.
I like that. It all makes sense this way!
I've worked hard to achieve success as a woman, mother, grandmother, business entrepreneur.
I'm proud of being who I AM... I have learned that I am wonderful and good and kind and beautiful inside and out.
I am proud of this day!

We working MOMS are superwomen! Without the costume! LOL :)))

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5 Responses May 24, 2012

Its nice to know when a woman or person really knows who and what they are. You intrique me, And you Strke me as being a very wonderful person.
Have a good day

the truth

I like this quote "when bad people come into our lives, the universe is teaching us a lesson." Never thought about it like that but good way of thinking. I am a working mom and student among other things and I do feel like a superwoman but very proud of myself because I'm accomplishing so much although a lil bit challenging sometimes. Cheers to us superwomen. :)

You're right. Imagine the hustles we have to go through to make our children's world worth living. We do it all out of love & without complain yet inside we are usually tired but we don't want to despair nor give up! imagine waking up & going to bed at wee hours all because we want to ensure that everything our kids need is in place? women have supernatural powers & all mothers in the world demand respect from everyone.

I am so happy that you said that. It takes courage raising kids by yourzelf and then having to raise teir kids. But what a blessing tobhave been part of teir lives and in their teaching. I too raised to bouys and later their sister while trying to work. I know i did not do things maybe that some normal people do and i am not the best cook but they turned out good. Good luck to you and hope you find someone to share yourself with somedsy!