Mom With Out Kids

I have no kids of my own but have been a mother hen since childhood. I was always the one to make sure everyone stayed in line. if they did not i was the first one lecturing and scolding them. My friends always told me i was not mom. Guess what that just got them more of a lecture.

Then when i was 15going on 16 my aunt who worked to support disabled husband and children called with a supprise. She had my babby girl that summer before i turned 16. I helped raise her and tech her these last 19 years. In manny ways she is my baby sister or cousin but at other times my girl.

I laugh now because us three kids had to grow up fast and learn not only learn how to take care of a little one but also when and how to disapline. I wish she was born a little later in our lifes because a 18, 16, and 15 year old rasing a kid was hard my mom and aunt helped when they could. As she got older my aunt took most of it on her self but to this day if one of her siblings or i correct her she listens.

I still am a mother hen with friend and family members who are special to me. I want to addopt someday but would like to have that someone special in my life
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hopefully you get the opportunity again. I love to see kids grow and develop also

yes, you can indeed be a mom without having given birth to the child

I miss the feelings that went along with watching her grow and hope someday to do it again