My Daughter's Father Is Something Else

I have been a mom now for 6 years. When I found out that I was pregnant, I freaked out because I was only 17 and I had left my boyfriend months before but felt kinda lonely at the time so started hanging out with him again and got pregnant. I love my daughter so much but I wish she had a different father. He's the biggest loser I have ever met. Silly me, we tried to work it out because we did still love each other and we were having a baby, but 6 months after she was born I decided to leave him for good! The last straw was when he hit me again when he was drunk. Since then it has went from once a week to once a year that he had been seeing her. I have decided now that it is best for my little girl to not see him at all until she is old enough to see his true colors. He doesn't even try to get in touch with her. What a dead beat! Me and my daughter are better off without him or his crazy mother! 
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1 Response Apr 11, 2007

he is a bad dad if he dus not see her sober dus he pay saport for her if not hes a dedbet dad