I Am a Mom

I've been a mother for nearly 4yrs now. My daughter will be 4 this summer.  It seems like things will get easier as she gets older but the opposite is the truth.  I swear I have never felt any hate towards her father, never not even after we split.  But now that we have decided to work things out, on my bad days, my blood boils at the thought of him not having to deal with the slightest issues of raising her.  My blood boils at the thought of him never having to wonder if he is raising her right.  I guess I am more insecure when it comes to my parenting skill now that he and I are speaking of getting married then I was when I thought for sure it would just be me and her for the rest of my life.
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1 Response Apr 12, 2007

If you marry, he will be helping to rear her, won't he? He is her father, you will be living under the same roof, you will be married--so why would he not have even the slightest issues of raising her?