Moms Are People Too!

I was admonished for my thinking yesterday by my son.  "I can't believe you believe in magic and you just say something and it will happen!  It takes alot of hard work to get where you want to be...blah blah blah blah"  I stopped listening after awhile, especially after I tried to soothe the conversation by saying, "well it's the same thing, but worded differently..." as he proceeded to continue his dissertation. 

I love my children.  They are all successful with their lives, are motivated individuals.  They seem to have chosen good partners.  We've lived through some drama but have risen above it and life is good.  Until I offer a thought or inspiration and get tossed out of the water as knowing absolutely nothing.  Really?  You think because I am in my 50's I know nothing about life and how to be successful?  My life is NOT a failure!

I called my Mom.  I finally understood.  I said, "How in the HELL did you ever stand the 4 of us?  We always know it all and I'm going crazy with the realization here!"  She laughed and said, "well, I DO have high blood pressure."
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3 Responses Jun 18, 2012

Loved this!

My kids are like that with me too. They know everything, they think. Of course, I realize now too, how right my parents were about some things.

I loved your story, and once i thought the same of my mother, But i cant say the same now...Where do you draw the line? Mums can be wrong too, my mother smoked drugs in my house while i was 7 months pregnant with my son, me and my partner fought along time about how we should handle it, and they moved out before i gave birth. They then became aggressive with my partner and told me i was dead to them. We havnt seen them since and i do not wish too. I dont mean to hijack your story, just needed to vent...