My First Adoption

My best friend Amelia, whom I live with, and I really wanted kids. However, neither of us were really too keen to become pregnant, as we both were in delicate health. I was adopted from South Korea when I was about two, so I decided, "Why don't we adopt?" Amelia, a doctor, became very excited because we could afford to adopt one young child. We checked out kids in a nearby organization, and fell in love with a sweet little toddler girl named Lily. Sadly, though, Lily was adopted before we could even try to bring her home. Then, Amelia and I found a miracle. There was a couple in China who had a three year old girl- who they didn't want. We didn't waste a second on adopting the girl, whom we named Amy Beth. She didn't speak English, and was really timid, but gradually she learned the language and opened up. Amy is the sweetest girl ever and we love her so much! Amy finished her first year of kindergarten a few weeks ago and is looking forward to first grade. She is such a mature, kind little girl and we are so proud of her! Love you Amy <3
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I gave birth to my son 4 months ago, and ever since its like a switch has been turned on and I'm ultra sensitised to the pain and suffering of children, i cant stand the thought of children being abused or neglected, and in most cases they don't survive :'( I've decided i want more kids but i want to adopt, and my partner doesn't wish too. I'm so happy that you got to adopt and be happy and change your little girls life for the better.