Say What You Want

I know all you older mothers may think I'm immature, irresponsible, or a wh$$e. SAY WHAT YOU WANT. I am a teen mom.

I have two children, Kasen Levi is four and was born January 10, 2008. McKenna Lorraine is three and was born May 18, 2009. I am currently pregnant with another daughter, Brynn Carissa due September 10, 2012.

I became pregnant with Kasen I SWEAR the first time my boyfriend Justin and I had sex, and at the time we were in love, and still in love.

I am a great mom, and people who are older are always telling me that my kids are very well behaved. I do everything for my kids.

Some people have something against teen moms, and I get where you're coming from, we're kids with kids, but that doesn't necessarily mean we're bad people.

I am reminded that I am a great mom whenever someone compliments me or whenever McKenna and Kasen say "I love you." or when I see them happy, knowing I can provide them the life they deserve.
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3 Responses Jul 4, 2012

Babe, you're not immature, irresponsible or sh*t like that - you just sound like a really good mom! I was a teen mom myself (had my dau @ 16) and got lots of nasty comments from other people... but I always gave a **** about them. So just be proud of yourself and enjoy life with your lil family!!!


Your happy, your children are happy and by the sounds of it a credit it you. In a few years you wont be a teenand the looks will stop and still have the happiness and love of your kids


I am now 40 with a stepson who now has 2 kids & my own kids are 22 & 18. I was married when I was 15. I think it's the person that makes a good mom not the age. Sure I might have had a little more understanding if I had of been older, but I wouldn't change a thing. If I hadn't of had kids young I wouldn't have any at all. I had to have my plumbing taken out when I was 24. Don't let other people still your thunder. All that matters is you love your kids & they love you. If you can handle those rug rats being so close together then go for it. Have fun and enjoy them time goes by very fast.

Thanks. Yes, I would've had more experience if I was older, but as you said, I wouldn't change a thing.