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BEFORE you read or comment on my story, don't be so quick to judge.

I am a young mom of a beautiful little boy. I am currently a stay-at-home mom and a full time student. I love them both more than words could truly express. Recently my husband got a new job and we thought he would be making a good amount of money, therefore I wouldn't have to work. That's just not how it seems to be going lately, I know that I need to find a job. If only it were that simple then I wouldn't be on here needing someone to talk to. I am not asking for sympothy and especially not asking for any snide comments, just someone to help me through this.

I KNOW I need to work and I have been applying for jobs, but it has put me in this depression because I don't want to leave my baby. He is my everything and being with him everyday is all I have ever wanted. I also don't want to have to get behind on school. As I stated earlier I am a full-time student and mom. I feel like if I go back to working full time I will start to loose focus on my studies and it makes me sad. I also feel like when I go back to work that my son will start to loose the bond we both share. He will be around another woman all day long, and start to see her as his mother in many ways. I know this makes me sound like a spoiled baby, but I promise I am not. I am just sad, and I need help...
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I know exactly how you feel. I will be starting my job search next week and I am already depressed about having to put my baby boy in daycare. One thing that is helping me get through this a little is that I have a friend that has her boy in daycare (they are almost the same age) and I am going to try to put my son in that same daycare. It gives me a little comfort knowing that she is happy with the woman taking care of her child and it helps having someone else keeping an eye on things. It's going to be so hard leaving your child with a stranger with the added stress of a new job. I'm scared that I wont be able to function at work :( but like my husband told me, he grew up going to daycare until he was old enough for school and he liked it, having other kids to play with and you also have to realize with how bad the economy is now and days it takes both parents working to make it most of the time.<br />
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I do have a few suggestions that might help depending on what state you live in. Maybe you could apply for a government grant to go to school which means tuition and books would be free for you, then take out a student loan to pay for childcare. This is what my friend did. Some states also have aid for low income families to help with daycare and food stamps. If you take out a student loan you don't have to make payments on it until you graduate and then they usually give you about a 3-6 months to find a job first. Hope this helps

I dont know what you should done but i feel the same way about putting my son in childcare. I also belive that I shouldnt have to work to pay someone just to look after my son defeats the ob<x>ject of it all in my opinon. So my husband and I talked about it for ages and we both agreed that i shouldnt go back to work till after we've got our alotted number of children. As for money things are very tight and we've given up lots to make ends meet and I shop really carefully. Clothes from charity shop or ebay or table top sales. Food is the shops own brand or short dated. Nappies I buy with vouchers or order off the net or in bulk. Its hard work to worth it to keep us going. I also store my sons old clothes for the next child. Not sure if i've helped hope i have