The Beauty of Boys....

I have two boys, age 8, and yes they are twins.   I struggled to bring these beautiful souls into the world, my body almost gave out, but by the grace of God they were born healthy.  As a mother of multiples, I struggled through getting them both fed, diapered, bathed, and making sure that they felt equally loved.

Each year, I thought they were the perfect age, now though I feel that 8 is truly the perfect age.  They still have innocence but they have wisdom as well.  I can see their opinions of life forming and how they are going to approach things.  The process of growth is truly a marvel to see and I appreciate the miracle of these two beings in my life.

One son, Baby A, is the rebel (like his mother) and scrapper (yes that's me too), he won't take no for an answer, he likes to be in the thick of things and to tell people where to get off if they cross him.  Baby B, he's the one that is dreamy and romantic, he loves animals and hates injustice.  He tends to tattles but only to get attention away from his brother.  Baby B would be considered the mama's boy and doesn't believe in marriage.  He would rather play video games then to mess with "stinky girls".

The eighth year in a boys' life is a challenge.  Girls are now prominent in a boys life if not entirely understood as to why.  Baby A came to me the other day and stated matter-of-factly, "Mom, I want to see a naked woman. I'm curious." The honestly of his statement I applauded but the mother part of me said,"OH GOD!  Not my baby."  My other son, laughs at anything to do with potty humor and just discovered the other day what nuts were in reference to a man.  

I cringe at the thought of puberty, dating, driving, and the other things that go along with boys.  I feel that boys in our society are sorely overlooked and I hope that can change in the future.  The notion of making these boys not show emotion and be tough all the time is ludicrous and short sighted.  I believe the boys in this country are lost and they need something else besides violent video games.  

I hope that the acceptance of differences that girls have benefited from in recent years like it's okay to like sports, be a girly girl, or be the CEO of a company will finally extend to society's opinion of boys.  It is okay for a boy to show emotion, decide they like to cook, and not be perceived as weak. 

I hope for my boys and the other boys out there, that we change our society's ideas of what a boy and/or man should be and accept them for whatever they chose to be.


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2 Responses Apr 24, 2007

Wow, at 8 yrs old they are already into girls? They certainly start early! Good luck,but sounds like your doing a great job!

Wow. I agree with you completely. We want either, but Chance would prefer a boy. You are a great mother.