I'm Like A Glob

So my 10 year old daughter and my 2 year old son were arguing for like 10 minutes about his cup. He said that his green cup was blue, because he thinks that everything is blue and every day is Tuesday. It got to the point where he was yelling "it's not green, it's blue" so I looked over and said "it's green" and he says "oh, alright" and walks away.
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Mother does know best after all

yes the reverse psychology been there done that and practiced at the art now...! i use it all the time right down to getting him to eat his greens and get excercise etc as otherwise he would just rot in his room under layers of pizza , trust me the less you fight with them and let them see you r listening and takeing on board there opinion they gradually come to see you may have a vallid point

XD my cousin once managed to trick me into giving her a dollar bill saying it was a magic trick

Hahahahahaha, I tried to do that to my neighbor all the time when I was little.