One Of Life's Greatest Gifts...

I had my son at 33, he's now 10 years old. I'm a single mom, and it's never been easy but I adore my son. I have since the moment I saw his precious face. I've leaned on God heavily, in raising him. I really have no family, or good friends. His father is no where around. I can honestly say that God has never let us down. What I really don't understand is why my mother never valued me the way I value him. I'm also an only child. My mother just looks at me as some sort of pawn to get things. When I look at my son I can't help but to give thanks to God. I want to be there for him always. I probably, at this late age of 43, wont have another, so I'm so grateful to have him.
LadyHawke68 LadyHawke68
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Wish a good man and a better life for you.


Indeed children are God's gifts. I have a daughter and a ten year old son. And as far as raising a boy, I'm sure we're experiencing the same wonders as we are expoxed to their growth everyday. <br />
I'm so happy reading this part of you LadyHawke. Thanks for sharing.