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well i am 8 months pregnant with my frist child. i really dont know what to do. i have been with my boyfriend for almost a year now. he has a 3 years old daughter. she thinks of me as her mom. she has been calling me mom since me and my boyfriend have heen together for 2 months. we both are really happy that are little baby is almost here. but i am scared because there is a problem with the baby. the baby has gastrostist. that is where the bowle is outside the body. the doctors say that the baby looks fine but i am still really scared. the baby has to stay in the hospital for up to a month. they say that i mite not be able to hold the baby when the baby comes because they mite have to do surgery but they dont know. if someone can help me not be so scared i would really like that.
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hi there, i;m sure you're scared to death. especially when its your first and you dont know what to expect anyway. i saw a program on tv about that situation and they tucked everything back in and with a little medical attention the baby was fine. anything anybody says is not going to make you relax, just know that we're all thinking and pulling for you and your baby. god bless

Hey, congratulations on the baby! Ok, I've never got pregnant so I won't pretend that I understand what you're going through. But my mother had five children and the doctors told her too that she could have issues with few of us. Thanks god, my mom had all of us fine and normally without any surgery. So don't concentrate on what the doctors told you, but concentrate on being healthy for the baby. I promise you, everything will be just fine :)

First off I want to say congratulations on the pregnancy! I know this is scary. It would be for anyone. I am sure if the doctors say the body is fine then it will be fine. You can always call the doctor for some reassurance. You can visit your baby everyday. It will be sad not being able to hold it buy you must keep hope. You may be able to hold it after all. Find as much as you can on procedures and that kind of stuff. Hope everything turns out ok.