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My Beautiful Girls

Being a mom is the hardest  and greatest thing I will ever do in my life .I just thought natural childbirth was hard .Lol that's the easy part . I was so dumb .Let me tell you what all I accidently taught them .When my oldest daughter came along  I used to cuss . when she was learning to walk if she fell I would say oh **** are you alright . I honestly tried to change my behavior so If she hit her head  i would say things like you okay and did you knock some smartness in there .that was better so I thought .But I forgot to watch my mouth in the car .You know how that is .It was Christmas time and I was fighting the traffic in a wally world parking lot .I slipped out  a few choice words when a driver rudely took up  both lanes .As we entered the store one of my girls recognized the driver and yelled out there's that stupid ***** momma .Good thing we have access to another wally world close by in another town because that stupid ***** was wearing a cop's uniform .I'm proud to say that I nolonger have those mouthy fits and my daughters no longer cusses. Becareful new mommas you never know when those ears hear .and if your kids are honest like mine are they will tell a cop their mom likes to put the pedal to the metal while she is receiving a speeding ticket .Lol that one taught me to leave early so I could be on time .

rcrisp rcrisp 36-40, F 4 Responses May 15, 2007

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My daughters are 4 and 14 monthes. I have to be VERY carefull what I say also. I think 4 year olds have super human hearing because she hears everything and repeats it like a little parrot. I think that is just a part of motherhood though. You make mistakes sometimes but overall you learn from those mistakes, right? <br />
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I have a feeling you are a wonderful mom :)

Our kids sometimes show us ourselves very well. What a cute story. Made me smile.

My daughters are 34 and 30 pardon the mispelling above!<br />
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My daughters are ages 34 and 10. Great girls, good moms. I worked very hard to sustain us and teach them. They turned out well. <br />
I am satisfied.<br />
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Mother's Day was beautiful because they were with me as were my grandchildren. <br />
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Your situation with raising children is very like mine...fulfilling and demanding at the same time. <br />
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We have learned a LOT. <br />
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