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while a little girl was used to my dad so much that hope to have a husband like him ,,, but after school met this boy i was a friend to the first time went out thats the day i got pregnant was disappointed when he turned me down i had to raise my daughter alone it was fun being a mother ... luckily met a man whom i assumed loved us all after giving birth to our first born with him and second born to me he showed me his other side ,,, but i could not help but take care ,,, i loved children but not the man who married me any more so i decided to give birth the take care of my girls ,,, its been lovely raising three beautiful girls see them grow to teenagers ,,,,thanks to the hearts we got to take care of our kids with the help of our lord jesus christ i tel my girls not to miss the church its fun being a mother ..
gallycrip gallycrip
36-40, F
Nov 27, 2012