Feeling Scared And Hopeless

I am 23 and my daughter will be 4 in February. We have been living with my parents since she was born so I could stay home with her and try to get back in school. Everything has been really good, but these past few months, my daughter lashes out at all of us and refuses to listen to the simplest of directions. My parents have become so upset with the goings on that they are threatening to kick myself and my daughter out. They are having their own problems as well. They are verbally fighting and talking about divorce. If they make good on the threats my daughter and I will be homeless and living on the street or in a shelter. I do not drive, have no money or income, no job, and a child to support. I need opinions and perspective from an outside source. All I seem to do these days is cry myself to sleep in fear for mine and my daughters well being.
Aryaniss Aryaniss
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3 Responses Dec 12, 2012

You need to find a job and begin taking responsibility for you and your daughter. The emotional outbursts can be socialized out of her but the threat of homelessness is real. Your first obligation as a mother is to take care of your daughter whether she's being spoiled or emotional or whatever. You can't do that if your homeless with no income. Put the education off a few years and take the reins to your own life and drive it to a safe place.

What kinds of disciplinary measures have you tried with your daughter?

It seems to me (just from the info you presented here) that she's responding to the stress your parents are having.

Swiry you don't have to kill yourself with tears because it will only rear you apart and you and your daughter have a whole life awaiting you to live.How about you find some job,even if it'll be a simple odd job to give you some income so that you can invest in some business after you few months of employment.Believe in yourself and do not despair.All will be well