Am I Holding Him Back?

My son will be 1 year on January 7th. He cut his first tooth at 2 months and it's been chew-chew ever since. Now, he is walking.... well running and learning to jump. He dances, babbles, plays peekaboo, and lots of other stuff. I don't feel I should be overly concerned with his developement, but I'm worried I may be holding him back in other areas.

He could care less about some things like the barn I got him with the shapes the go into holes. He just wants to chew on the stuff. There are lots of things that others would be doing with their babies by now such as rolling a ball back and forth, playing pattycake, and even letting them play in the grass outside (accept now it's too cold). I know it's normal for babies to eat EVERYTHING, but from what I understand they are also interested in other things. So far he could care less what I put infront of him. He just wants to chew. I had to remove all of his books, even the board books because he was eating them. I have put off letting him play with sensory buckets and boards because he won't care about anything other than 'how does that taste'.

Is this a bad idea. I mean don't kids have atleast crayons by a year old? I'm afraid he will only eat them. There are tons of things I think he should be experiencing now but his only concern is chewing because of his constant teething. I mean it's no break in between, just tooth-pop-tooth-pop-tooth. Lol He still has a few to go. I just worry that my outlook on this is holding him back.

I would love some advice. Thanks for reading this.
FellidayaFiresong FellidayaFiresong
36-40, F
Dec 21, 2012