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My Beautifully Children

My soon to be husband died before our weeding in a car crash so I am a single mother I couldn't ever be with any one else so I decided to adopt I have 3 girls and 1 boy, my first and oldest child is katarzina she is 12 she has natural long auburn hair with an extra kick of red she loves to read and outside of school her main goal in life is to help make a diffrence she raises money for charity and all groups to, calisia is 9 and she has long black hair with light blue eyes she is into spells and positions and anything to do with what some may call it witch craft. than there's march she's 4 she has blond curly hair down to her shoulders she likes to make crafts and help me cook and she. Than there's huck my only son huck is 10 I didn't adopt him till he was older and from what he grew up in he grew up to fast but he's still a varry responsible boy he never lies or gets into trouble he doesn't get into fights with his siter he takes resposababitly for his actions he sticks up for his sisters and he always cleans up his mess I know it sounds to good to bet true but I swar I'm not kidding my children seemed as if sent from heaven and the weirdid part is they never fight. Some times but varry rarely the girls will argue but over small things. If I ask them to do somthing they always do it. But the coolest thing abought my children is even though there different they all love to sing especially together. I must be one of the most lucky mothers in the world.
Hugesinger Hugesinger 31-35, F 1 Response Dec 22, 2012

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you are a lucky mother.