The Best Gifts..

Everyone was excited about Christmas this year because we made it through the "END OF THE WORLD!?" and receiving the best gifts!! But me on the other hand had the best gifts, a beautiful and healthy baby boy and girl. everyday I wake up to them is the best a gift a mother could ask for.. Thank you Lord for them and waking me up each day to be with them!

Christmas morning when I woke up, I received the best gifts.. Hi mommy, I love you, hugs,and kisses.. I would never trade any of them for diamond or gold, because it doesn't need much thought and its heart felt!! How can two little people melt your heart everyday!? The best feeling in the world and its called TRUEST LOVE!

Seeing them everyday is a blessing. It's like seeing your heart beat outside of your chest.. Oh! It's possible!! The best feeling in the world, you will never find anything that describes it!
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awesome it needs rate up :)

v.v. wonderful! A loving family!And one more..Hi darling MZ,from hubby!