The Case Of The Melting Soles

Winter in snow areas can be really hard. My son was about 8 or nine one snowy winter day. Part of the snow had meled and refroze and melted again. It was a slushy wet mess to walk upon. When you are a kid you dawdle and play along the way in all the wet slush. Consequently your shoes become a soggy dripping mess. He arrived home in very wet saturated shoes. I immediately told him to get those shoes & socks off. Part of our heat was supplied by a small space heater. I told him to put his shoes near the heater to dry them out. Well, somehow he misunderstood me? Or didn't listen.Unbeknownst to me He propped his shoes up on the top of the heater. Yes he did, he put them right down on the hot surface soles first. So there they sat. Suddenly the house was filled with the most ghastly smelling smoke. Thank GOD the heater automatically shut off before the place went up in flames. I ran to the heater to find my sons shoes had the soles melted off. It was oozing down the face of the heater. The shoes were ruined, the heater couldn't be used. As I stood there watching the soles of my sons shoes harden in the heater I didn't know if I should laugh or cry. Once the smoke cleared I decided I would not laugh. He worked many hours to earn the price of his new shoes. He still owes me $5. That's my kidd-o. mini
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That was a bit funny. The smell must be ghastly. I have learned though to never assume that the kids understand the instructions. One time, my children scattered chocolate pieces all over the floor. I told them to clean the mess up and gave them a broom and dustpan. After a few minutes, they gleefully call me saying it's now clean. It did look clean so I let them go, only to find out that they swept the all the chocolate pieces under the bed. Urgh, the ants had a feast!