Peggy Vs The Mouse

I'm not sure this is the right group for this story? It is about a friends mother. Her name is Peggy. She lived in a tiny town in West Virginia. I doubt if she ever went farther than 50 miles from there her whole life. When I visited her back in the 70's, they had electricity but not hot water. Being a city girl, heating water to bathe was daunting to say the least. The family got a big kick out of me and my son. We were so different from their country ways. I loved being there and I think I learned alot about life while there. One afternoon I was with Peggy in her kitchen. She was about to cook a meal.She opened the cupboard under the sink to retrieve a cast iron skillet. As she got ahold of the skillets handle- a mouse ran out. Never skipping a beat she smashed the skillet down and crushed the mouse. Then as cool as ever she snatched the mouse up by its tail~ walking to the back door she pitched the lifeless mouse out. She then yelled here dogs here dogs. The 2 hunting dogs came running. More about them later. She then proceeded to the stove and put the skillet on the burner. This disdurbed me on so many levels. I said, Peggy, don't you think you should wash that skillet? She turned to me wide eyed and put a hand on her hip. " WHY, CHILD?? I HIT THE MOUSE WITH THE BOTTOM~ I'M COOKIN' IN THE TOP." That night I ate a very light dinner. I can laugh about this and it is a true story. I absolutely loved my time in West Virginia. Wonderful folks and georgous scenery. I had a happy time there. mini
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Child- u love WVa. cuz it's part of yer roots! Part of u was started in WVa.! Don't u know yer Mama was a hillbilly? Yes, Scarlett, u is a Jewbilly Bob. That ol' WVa. is like HOME Mountain Mama!