Bonnies Pups

Back in the 70's my son and I had the pleasure to be at a friends house in West Virginia. It was a working farm. All sorts of animals and fowels running loose. There were 2 hunting hounds called Bonnie & Clyde.They were not pets they were working hounds trained to hunt. My friends mom told my son repeatedly NOT to mess with the dogs. He was about 8 at the time. Being a city kid he had no concept of a dog you couldn't play with. We drilled him not to go around the dogs---especially Bonnie. She had just recently had a litter of 5 puppies. She was a good mother and very protective of her pups. She had a dog house on the side of the house quiet and private. One morning I woke up and found my son had gotten up before me. I went out to the kitchen expecting to find him having breakfast. He was not there. I ask my friend and his mom if they had seen him? We searched for him all through the house. Hummmmmmmm where was he? I went outside and began calling him. Suddenly I heard a sort of muffled sound. I walked around the side where the doghouse was. I heard this muffled sound of a voice calling MOMMIE HELP ME I'M IN HERE. As I got to the doghouse I could see my son in the back of the doghouse with Bonnie blocking the door.She turned to check the pups and my son tried to escape. Bonnie was not about to allow him to go.She grabbed his shirt collar and dragged him back in the house. He was giggling and trying to get loose. Bonnie stood her ground in the door.I ran back and told my friends mom. She was amazed my son was not torn to shredds. She got some food scraps and lured Bonnie out of the doghouse so my son could escape. Apparently Bonnie decided my son was one of her pups. He never went close to the doghouse after that. He never did tell me how he came to be inside the doghouse.? I wish we had pictures of it. That's my kid. mini
minimeowz minimeowz
61-65, F
Dec 28, 2012