My Son...............

I sometimes have to stop and think to myself is he really my son. He is my whole life and without him I don't know what I would do. He keeps me on my toes even though I want to give up at times. I know I have to keep going for him because if not who will hold his hand when he goes to school for the first time or who will watch him hit his first goal in soccer or who will hold his hand the first time he goes to a sleep over and lets him know everything will be okay. I know as his mom that I have to hold myself together and not allow anyone to break me down. I am not only a mother I am a roll model for my son. He will learn and grow from what I teach him. I know along the way he may fall or slip or make choices that are wrong but I want a relationship with him that allows him to know I am a friend but also a mother and no matter what the issue I will sit, I will listen and I will understand and not judge. I will be there for him when times are hard and when times are fun but only if he allows. When the time comes I know he will spread his wings and fly away and then I know my job as a mom has been done. But until then I push forward never stopping always going forward because until that day I am a mom on the go and I will not stop until hes grown and on his own. For I am a mother and couldn't be happier.
heretolisten heretolisten
26-30, F
Jan 2, 2013