Proud Mom

I have four children. I see myself in all of them and yet they are so much better, stronger, braver than I could ever imagine being.

B is 21, soon to be 22. Will be graduating from college this spring and going on to law school in the fall. Loves books, french fries, worries too much, puts too much pressure on herself. She is beautiful inside and out, her smile lights up an entire room, she sings like an angel and has a presence about her that draws people to her. When she is overly tired or stressed she takes it out on those around her and makes me want to scream. She is my heart, my first born who is so much like me but nothing like me. So serious, she takes to heart her role as the oldest child and sets an example that I hope all of my children follow. To always try your hardest and reach for your goals.

D is 18, soon to be 19. Is in her first year of college and is absolutely loving it. She wants to be a teacher which still amazes me because she never liked school. She stuttered as a child and had a hard time reading. She grew up angry that school was so easy for her older sister and so hard for her. She overcame her struggles and now wants to help those who are going through what she went through. She loves all things Disney and in so many ways is still a child at heart. Quick to temper so much like myself but just as quick to forgive when words are said in anger. She is quirky and has such a strong sense of who she is, she has never caved to what anyone else thinks of her and is happy to march to her own drum. So very funny, with a quick, sarcastic humor that even when you are the joke you can't help but laugh.

A is 13. My only boy, the only male in our household. He is so smart and talented, he is also a singer and shines when he is on stage. He is also funny and yet not in the way of his older sister, he would never laugh at anyone elses expense. His heart is so caring and kind. Video games, he is addicted, I think they are his only outlet in a house full of girls so I don't complain too much. He is helpful and caring and so very patient with his pesty little sister. He never forgets to hug me goodnight and is always so very thankful for all that he has. He has wanted to be a lawyer since he was in 1st grade. Not quite sure why, his dad was a mechanic, but he has always been set on it and is quite upset that his sister will be going to law school first.

C is 8 and the baby in all sense of the word. She is all that glitters and sparkles and is bright in my world. Pink bubblegum meets sour warheads. You will smile when looking at her sweet little face and then she will say the craziest thing that will make you shake your head while you burst out in laughter. She is a crazy cartwheel kid who will do the splits in the middle of the mall just because she feels like it. She loves to read but would rather watch tv, she is happy with all of her friends dancing and singing at the top of their lungs but is just as content sitting alone playing a game of chess with herself. She misses her dad and worries that she will forget him but she doesn't like to tell people that her dad is dead because she doesn't want to make them sad.

I am very fortunate to have my four amazing kids, they are my world and I am so very proud of each of them. Although my house full of kids is now down to only two still left at home I feel good knowing that no matter where life takes them they will ALL always be my babies and they will always be close in my heart.
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One of these days I'd find the right words to describe my kids, the way you handle it. I think you are a great Mother at a young age. I love how you describe the four of them. Each personality stands out. Great story!