Unexpected Motherhood

Motherhood was never something I expected. Apparently infertile-12 years and no pregnancies- I had come to terms with this and had decided to foster if and when I felt the 'maternal urge'.
Then in 2005 I had recently scored a new job which I enjoyed and suited me well. I didn't fret when I skipped not 1 but 2 periods because, well,I'd not fallen pregnant yet so....
Eventually got a test,didn't believe the result till the 12 week ultrasound-I was pregnant allright,twins!
They were born prematurely at 7 months.
I was all of a sudden a mother of two when four months before that I'd been apparently infertile and pretty ok with it.It turned my world upside down.
I couldnt've been too traumatised as I went on to have two more-definitely not infertile! And though I was never too fussed about not being a mother I'd not change a thing now. I kind of miss my sanity but the little buggers (I mean 'lovelies':)) give me the oppurtunity to love like nothing else has. It's a privilege being a parent.
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It is a priviledge, a gift...

Two thumbs Up . You're right; it is a privilege. The most fun you'll ever have.