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Would Love To Be...

All I can say is: I'm a Young Adult now, so I'd Love to Adopt a Baby girl as my niece if not my daughter, and name her Ailani Moon. But the 2 Monsters, (No one in their right mind can call them "People") I live with always treat me like a baby: Give me 2 answer Questions then say "Don't tell me..." before I can answer, put words in my mouth when I don't answer their Questions-which F.Y.I. r Loaded/Trick Questions...
Treat me like a baby, that's all they've done. So now I'm so Depressed I just wish I could be a baby. How can I make this dream real and rid my life of those narcissistic egocentrics Forever?? Suggestions please!!
WhiteLegoNinja WhiteLegoNinja 13-15, T Feb 12, 2013

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