Insomniac Baby

it's almost 4:30 am and i'm up with the little teething monstrito. ;)

he's the almost walking, two-teethed, babbling, happy chipmunk in the zoo animals onsie, happy to examine a measuring cup over some little twenty dollar bilingual block.

the five year old big brother is thankfully a sound sleeper, for not so far away, drowsy mommy is blogging with little brother, eleven months, chattering to his toys.

the oldest will want to swim tomorrow, so i'll have to reluctantly bedeck myself in my pool mom attire, spray baby sunscreen, and adorn them with floaty seal with handals, and little swimmers diapers (although the oldest confesses post swim that he has peed two times...ugh)

this bleary-eyed, joyous, tiring,awesome,  giving thing they call motherhood.....enough reflecting...the baby is tearing through like a tornado!

imnogood81 imnogood81
26-30, F
Jun 2, 2007