They Grow Up So Fast!

Best thing in my life is being Mom. I have 3 children that aren't children any more but will always be to me. Any day now I'm going to be a grandmother for the 1st time. I'm so excited. I just wish my kids lived closer. I haven't seen my oldest daughter since my Mothers funeral 4 years ago. We talk on the phone and email but a big hug would be wonderful. My oldest son is the expectant father and I see him once a year but you better believe I'm driving the 200 miles to meet my grandson! Luckily my youngest son comes to visit every few months. He finds it amusing I tear up as he drives off to re join his own life. The hardest part of motherhood is letting them go.
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1 Response Jun 6, 2007

Yes, it is that isn't it. I have 4 still at home, and a married daughter I see every weekend, but that still doesn't quite make up for only seeing my eldest son maybe twice a year. We stay in touch on MSN messenger, but as you say, it's not quite the same.