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i am a mother of four and they are wonderful. 2g & 2b. i love them all so very much. but i am the **** up of this relationship. i love drinking and at times the children liked me on the drink because i was Funny, stupied, and at times let them get away wiv things... But things went wrong i had my oldest and my youngest in my care and i was drinking wiv my so called friends and druging as well. i jumped in to my car and left them wiv my next door nabour. i didnt get home i ended in the cells for the nite. my nabour phoned my husband and he took them away... My Drinking got the beta of me and my depression. all i had was just me... I couldnt, wouldnt look at my children for a long time i knew that i had hurt them. i was a very sad sight and thru all that time i could only think of myself and keept drinking... Now I have gotten that loving relationship back from my children and i am trying my hardest to fight the power of alcohol. I do not wish this Exp. on anyone but if you have learn from it and try to move on because to me wivout my babies my life was not wroth anything at all. i only found out this the hard way. never ever again.... 
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very honest story, hope you are getting the support you need and deserve