Steps Are Mothers Too

I became a stepmother last August, when my fiance moved in with me. We had my 4 year old stepson 50% of the time.

In March, it became official, when I got married.

A week after that, we got full custody. His bio-mom doesn't even have every-other-weekend. She gets him 4 hours per week. Supervised.

I am now a mother. Step or not, I am a mom. I feed him, I bathe him, I read to him, I kiss him good night, I dress him.

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2 Responses Sep 27, 2008

I'm quite jealous that you got to adopt your boy! Congrats!<br />
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The egg donor still has supervised visits, over a year later. My boy doesn't talk about her much. He does love her mom though.

I hope you are doing well with the step-mom gig. I got my tynan when he was 4.. and we went from shared custody, to supervised visits, to adoption in the first year. I know how stressful it can be to be the "other mother" even if it is also a joy and rewarding. <br />
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Anyways good luck