Oh Where Has My Baby Gone

11 years & 2 weeks ago I went into labor. I remember like it was yesterday. Larry was out at the farm feeding his live stock. I was at home cleaning and doing laundry. It was about 8 o'clock at night when I started feeling contractions. I timed them for a while. I finally called my sister to let her know they where 3 min. apart and I was getting my things together and talking Larry's truck to the hospital. I was way out in the country and just thought it would be faster that way. I had NO way of getting hold of Larry. I did call his favorite watering hole to let them know when he came in I was on my way to the hospital.
  Well I be darn... he was there when I got there. lol

12 Hours he held my hand and helped me breath.Even after all that was over with
I was like " when do I feel like a mom"?

Well she was born in June. I went to court the following  November I had to take her for DNA testing. (Unfortunately Larry is not her father. )
  When they held her down and drew like 3 tube of blood. They took it from the back of her hand. When she began to cry ! I began to cry. I think it was at that moment I felt that I was truly a Mother. And it only gets stronger as the days,weeks,months & yrs go by.

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None the less a very good man to be there with you through it all. <br />
It is wonderful when that mommy love kicks in!