my daughter is 16 months and has been very independent basically since she started crawling. wanted to play alone, discover, do her own thing. recently though she's been, well, the exact opposite. i cant do anything. i really think she'd be happy if she could just sit on my head all day. and while i loved it at first, her wanting to play with me, acting like she needed me more, now its starting to wear on me. and even saying that makes me feel like a bad mom. i am a young mother and she is my only child. i know that most kids go through this phase but she's just stressing me out. i cant even go to the bathroom with out her, she'll stand by the door and scream mommy until i come out. i dont know. i just really feel like a bad mom because this is bothering me. has anyone else had this problem or felt this way, or am i just a terrible mom? HELP ME!
mybabybelle mybabybelle
18-21, F
Jun 28, 2007