Mother At 17

I too was a young mother.  my son is now almost 19.  We have made it so far against every odd imagineable for example his father is serving a second prison sentence for selling drugs and while incarcerated involved my son in his business.  My son was caught by police and faced 15 years in jail but thankfully was found not guilty.  I have two other children now aged 4 and 6.  They too are the apple of my eye. 

It's funny that even with the 12 year age difference between my oldest boy and the two younger ones, I find I have to be very careful about treating them fairly.  The older one still gets put out if he thinks I'm favouring the younger ones. 

Being a mother is the best job in the world.  Sadly most achievement is measured in dollars so mothers are often at the bottom of the 'choice of career' list because we don't get paid.  we do, however, get taken for granted, walked all over and disrespected.  What many people don't realise is that we are doing the most important job in the world that will affect tomorrow's society

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Hi my name is jenny please read my story on my son and I. I really need help I need some answers please help me give me your opinion I'm going crazy please,please,please, help ANYONE.JENNYC.

Great post! I commend you on your positive choices....first for choosing life. Second for not throwing in the towel. Raising kids is to me the hardest but yet most rewarding job and I too cant stand how people can act like a mothers job is not really a job. We are on call 24/7 as a teacher, a dr. a counselor, a disciplinarian, a guardian angel, an inspiration, a protector, a model, a maid and a cook. And so much more. But God has blessed us with the gift of life that we all cherish. Times are going to be hard, mom, but never give up! You have friends here to talk to, to cry with and to be there for another! Blessings!!!

There are many of us young mothers; I had my son when I was 18 and a sinlge parent also. He is 8 now, but thank god my mom (and dad) was always there for me. Shows just how important the role of a mother is, I am grateful for everything she did and still does. Im glad ur son was found not guilty but at least he has you and his brothers or sisters to make him feel grateful he is enjoying life out of prison with u guys. You have done a really good job dont get yourself down. I'm proud of u for putting the example that u held up a family even in your situation.

it's great to hear from another fine mother with both feet firmly on the ground. I agree with you entirly, thank heavens for grat mums.<br />
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Moms are awesome! They do some of the most noble, heartbreaking and amazing work in the world. They are often judged, glanced over and forgotten when they should be given medals, put on pedestals and cheered for! Go mothers! :-)

It sounds as though you're doing a wonderful job raising your children in spite of the odds!<br />
Hang in there and good luck!

More power to you. Stories like this are very important to raise the awareness of the struggle of Mothers everywhere. We do so much work, don't get acknowledged for it, financially or any other way - yet we carry on regardless. Mother-love is a hidden life-force in this world - but so rewarding when we see our kids achieve even the smallest thing.

I agree, good post.