I Love My Son!

We are parents of a beautiful baby boy name Joshua Judah. He is the love of our lives and a true blessing from God. My husband and I just thank God for this gift He has given us. We were praying and waited seven years to have a child and we had one after much prayer and a return trip to Israel. It was wonderful to see the land where Jesus was born and the wailing wall where they often prayed. That's where I lifted up my burden to God for a son and promised to dedicate him back after he was born. Soon as we got back from Israel, I got pregnant and we named the baby after Jesus. Joshua which is Jesus in Hebrew, Judah for the tribe Jesus came from.  My son loves praise and worship and talking to his dada on the phone who is deployed in Iraq. My son's voice and my love and prayers keep my husband going strong while we are apart.  Josh is a challenge without my husband's help but the Lord has become my husband and has given me strenght even though I cry a lot. He is so beautiful and right now he loves to listen to Jeremy Camp and other christian artists. I try to read the book of Joshua to him everyday and read from the psalms too. I try to teach him to pray and get to know the Lord early as possible. My husband is a man after God's heart so I want our baby to be likewise. I would love to hear your mommie stories as well. Feel free to email me @ hoshianah@gmail.com. Thanks!

hoshi hoshi
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Being a mum with faith is still one of the best experience!