Too Young

I was part of an elite sporting tuition.

Then i slept with my boyfriend Derrick, who was also at the school, then we broke up. Then i wemt out with Rob, then again making a stupid mistake of sleeping with Derrick again.

(yes i know i had a boyfriend at the time)

i found out i was pregnant a few days later.

Derrick and i had some weird moments, but i had the baby, Amy, and i am still with Derrick :)

All worked out well.

Chelseahere Chelseahere
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6 Responses Feb 15, 2009

thanx debbie, very much appreciated :)

That is good that you are with the babys' daddy. We all have regrets, but all kids bring us love and hope for the future! All the best to you three!<br />
Love Debby

Yep exactly :)

We all have regrets about how we go about doing things, but thats normal. Nothing ever really goes the way we want it to. It's the end result we have to look .

It did work out but sometimes i wish i hadn't done it at all.<br />
but u have a point :)

if it all worked out well then it wasn't a stupid mistake, was it?