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I am a very proud new mommy!! My son is almost 7 months now and I've completely spoiled him. I was always told that you can never spoil a baby but I truly have. ha. I can't sit my son down!! He won't sleep by himself or fall asleep without being breastfed or rocked and even then it takes great efforts. He won't play in his playpen for more than a few mins, if I'm lucky, and requires constant (and I mean constant) attention. I absolutely love my son and love giving him all the time in the world but I am having trouble getting simple housework done, eating, showering, etc... Any suggestions or advice would be helpful please!!

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me too!!!!<br />
My daughter is two and a half months. Your post really resonates with me because i have the same difficulties. I met my fiancee, got engaged, got pregnant, moved in with him, had my baby and started a family all in one year. I don't know what your situation is with your partner/spouse but what I find most difficult is trying to keep up on household chores and balance his needs, the babies needs and my own all a the same time. I don't have any advice as I am a new mother like you and still have to learn the ropes but I do really understand your frustration. I wouldn't trade motherhood or my daughter for anything in the world but this whole thing does require a lot of adjustments and what I really need from others and from myself is patience.

I know that that is a very difficult situation. I spent all of my time, energy and attention on my first baby.n Then i had another one and had to learn to split my time. The best advise that i can give you is to just put the baby down. I know that it seems mean but it will not hurt the baby to cry and they begin to learn very quickly that not every cry will be answered, only the important cries(and you can learn the diffirent sound of the cries). You can not be a good mother if you can not take care of the things that you need to and yourself. If you are stressed, the baby can feel it and it will make that situation worse.