I wish I can be everything you need, I would love to answer all of your questions with confidence and knowledge... But I'm far from that I am no good. I cry every night. I am weak. you deserve better.

You don't deserve to hear any yelling, you don't deserve to see your daddy and mommy act like monster's towards each other... You don't deserve to be lied to by saying everything is fine.

You deserve a bright future, a strong mother that is smart, caring, and stands up for herself.

I need you. You are my future, you are my goal, you are my everything, and without you I would be different, I would be lost. I am sorry that I hurt you. I'm sorry for bringing you into this life without being ready for you.

I am trying my hardest to turn it around for You, I want to be the best Mother for you, and I will be I promise. Even if I don't do anything great in my life I will make sure you have a mother you are proud my dear.
Neblina27 Neblina27
26-30, F
Aug 20, 2014